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4 Reasons to Hire Us for Roofing Repairs San Antonio

If you’re experiencing a leak in your roof or have recently had damage done due to severe weather, do you plan on fixing your roof yourself? If you’ve never repaired or maintained a roof before, it is highly advisable that you have a professional roofing company take a look and fix it for you.  

You wouldn’t want a chef fixing your car, so why would you like to tackle a roof issue on your own?  Roofs are the structural stability and safeguard for your home.  If left unresolved or ill-repaired, you can suffer thousands of dollars in damage, or worse, injury to those living in the house.  

If you live in Texas and need roofing repairs San Antonio, you can stop searching for “Roofing company near me” because you’ve found us, Stephens Roofing! However, if you are still unsure if you should hire a professional roofing company, here are 4 reasons to do so! 


The most important reason to hire a professional roofing company is safety.  Being up on a roof with tools requires the knowledge and safety protocols to keep you from falling or being injured.  Sacrificing safety for cost can end up costing more money and leave you injured.  We take steps to keep our team and homeowners safe.  We ensure our tools are secured, and our team takes careful steps to follow safety and OSHA protocols.  

Knowledge & Experience of Roofing Repairs San Antonio

With almost 4 decades of experience, we’ve got you covered when it comes to roof repair.  As local roofers, we know how roofs can react to the Texas weather, what to look for when a roof is leaking or damaged and how to best repair it.  We are certified GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractors, CertainTeed Shinglemasters, and Authorized TM Roofing Contractors for GAF. 

These certifications, along with our experience, place us at the top of the roofing industry.

roofing repairs San Antonio

Quality & Code

Along with the strict safety standards that we adhere to, we also make sure that your roof is repaired or replaced up to coding standards.  This is a significant reason to have a professional roofing company fix or replace your roof because if it is not up to code, you could be fined and end up paying more to fix your roof to get it approved. 

To abide by the codes, we also use the highest quality materials on the market.  Using the best materials available and our craftsmanship, we can ensure and guarantee our work to our clients.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the lifelong relationships we build with our homeowners.

Time & Cost

When you have a roofing issue, you need to fix it quickly to stop further damage to your roof, the items in your home, or injury to yourself or your family.  We will assess the situation, analyze what needs to be done, provide a free estimate, repair and fix it promptly.  

If you planned on doing the repairs yourself, you would need to get the tools and the materials required for the job and make sure you don’t leave anything out or suffer the consequences of waiting even longer to do the repair. However, we have the tools and equipment on hand to provide you with the quality roofing services you need. 

We mentioned above that we utilize the highest quality materials.  We can get them at contractors’ pricing, saving you money and ensuring you get a good product.  If you went to purchase the materials for yourself, you might end up paying more money for a lower-quality product.  

We also offer payment and financing options for all our clients! This helps to make sure you are getting the best repairs possible for a price you can afford. 

Work With The Pros

If you’re experiencing problems with your roof, connect with us today to get the problem solved! We work with homeowners and commercial building owners throughout the San Antonio area from Hill Country to the Coast! We’ve got the experience, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done right the first time.