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Searching Roofing Company Near Me? Stephens Roofing Can Help

Are you searching for a dependable and professional “roofing company near me” to install or repair a commercial or residential roof? You’ve come to the right website! 

Hello! We are Stephens Roofing, a roofing, and remodeling company that has close to 4 decades of experience in the industry! We pride ourselves on being a reliable and honest company that guarantees our work and is on time, every time! 

Want to know more about what we do? Keep reading! 

About Our Company

Since 1983 we’ve been serving the Southern Texas region providing full-service roofing, remodeling, maintenance, and inspection for residential and commercial properties. 

We’ve got extensive experience in the roofing and remodeling industry and we are certified in the following areas:

  • GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractors
  • Certified Shinglemasters
  • Authorized TM Roofing Contractor for GAF

Our goal is to provide you with efficient, zero-maintenance roofing systems using the highest quality materials available on the market.  

We work closely with homeowners, building, and property managers to ensure your satisfaction and we create, repair, or maintenance your custom-fit roofing solution. 

No matter the budget, or how large or small the project, we want to work with you to provide you with the best and most professionals services in the industry.  

Need assistance with a commercial or residential project? Let us help you by providing one or more of the following roofing services below! 

roofing company near me

Residential Roofing

Building a home or remodeling and in need of a roofing solution? We’ve got you covered! We will consult with you, review and assess your current home and help you find a solution that works with the style and provides support and structure for the home.  We don’t leave any stone unturned because a poorly constructed roof can lead to property damage or even injury to those living in the home.  

Commercial Roofing

It is important to know that no two roofing solutions are the same.  There are vast differences in residential and commercial roofing systems and we have the experience and knowledge to know exactly how to structure your commercial roofing system (Check out our latest article which discusses Commercial Roofing VS. Residential Roofing in San Antonio).  If you’re in need of a commercial roofing contractor, consult with us today to ensure you have the best options for your needs.  Our dedicated team will come up with a zero-maintenance roofing solution for your commercial property that supports any roofing structures (HVAC, ventilation, pipes, fans, rooftop gardens, etc) and provides protection and structural support for the entire building. 

Maintenance & Repairs

Don’t risk injury by tackling on a roof issue alone.  Roofs are expensive and working with un-qualified professionals could lead to damaged property, ill-quality roof repair, and more.  In addition, the weather in Texas can be unpredictable and wreak havoc on your roof, and if you find yourself trying to repair leaks or holes, connect with us!  We want you to know and have peace of mind that our certified roof repair and maintenance technicians are ready to help solve any roofing issue that may come up. 

We can set up yearly maintenance services for your commercial or residential property to help extend the life of your roof and be proactive in identifying and fixing any minor issues before theyThe weather in Texas can be unpredictable and wreak havoc on your roof and if you find yourself trying to repair leaks or holes, connect with us! become major. 

Ready to Build or Repair?

If you’ve got a roofing project,  and are searching roofing company near me, we’ve got the solution! Let us here at Stephens Roofing provide you with high-quality, professional roofing and remodeling services.  We enjoy serving Southern Texas those around Victoria, San Antonio, Austin, and anywhere from Hill Country to the Coast! We also offer a Military Rebate Program for those who have served our country and be sure to check our careers page as we are always looking for qualified professionals. 

Connect with us today to schedule your consultation and free estimate!