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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Roof Repairs

Uh oh. Your roof is damaged and needs repairing. Whether it’s a leak, missing shingles, or more severe damage, some repairs need doing. 

“No problem,” you tell yourself, it’s just a tiny leak, one shingle…shouldn’t be too tricky to fix..right? 

STOP right there. Before you even think about getting on that ladder, keep reading to see all the reasons why you SHOULD NOT DIY roof repairs.

It’s Dangerous

The number one reason is safety. You would not give yourself stitches or take out your own gallbladder, so why are you trying to repair your roof? 

Roofs are an integral part of the structural soundness of your home.  They provide shelter from the elements and other outside factors. You need to make sure that when you fix it, it is fixed properly so that the repair lasts and holds up! 

Are you prepared to get on your roof with a hammer, nails, and other tools to fix the problem? What happens when you get up there and get stuck? You could potentially fall or injure yourself while attempting to correct the problem.  

Over 150,000 people a year need medical care due to roof-related injuries.  97% of those are injuries happen because people try to DIY their roof repair. The most common causes of injuries are due to falls, tool malfunction, and electrocution.  It’s best to keep both feet on the ground and hire a professional to take care of the situation. 

DIY Roof RepairsNo Experience

9 times out of 10, you lack the experience that a seasoned roofing professional will have when it comes to repairing a roof.  You may think that you have a small leak or crack, but you see that the problem is much more complex upon further investigation.  Instead of already having called and scheduled your roofer to come out, you have now given up several hours that they could have been fixing the issue, trying to do it yourself. 

If you need to replace shingles, are you comfortable working with a nail gun and balancing on the roof simultaneously? (See our first reason: It’s Dangerous)

Time and Cost

Do you have the tools and supplies on hand to quickly and efficiently fix the problem? If you don’t, you will have to buy tools, supplies, and other items necessary to repair your roof and the costs of all that could add up! 

Roofers can get high-quality products at low costs compared to purchasing average quality material at a higher price if you were to do it yourself.  This is because they buy in bulk, get great deals, and know precisely what materials are needed for the repair. 

Roofers are also experienced and able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you have a leaking or damaged roof, you want it repaired as fast as possible! If the job takes longer than a day, the roofers will be able to secure the area to ensure that it is safe and that your home is protected from the elements. 

Don’t DIY Roof Repairs – Call Stephens Roofing! 

Hopefully, this article stopped you from climbing onto your roof to repair it. So, stay safe, save money and call us here at Stephens Roofing.  We have been working on residential and commercial roofs for over 30 years, and that experience means we know how to get the job done! 

Review our latest article on the “Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roofing” for more insight on how we can assist you!

If you live in the San Antonio area, don’t DIY roof repairs. Contact us today for all your roofing needs!