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Is Your Commercial Roof Leaking? Now What?


The dripping sound of a leaking roof in your commercial building can send anyone running for the hills. 

If you’re experiencing commercial roof leaking, don’t panic! We can help! 

Here at Stephens Roofing, we are ready and able to help you with any residential or commercial roofing issues. 

Why Is Your Commercial Roof Leaking?

When you hear the dreaded dripping, you know you have limited time to assess and plan for repairs. But, do you know why your roof is leaking? It could be many different reasons, but here are the most common.

Damage Due to Weather

If you’ve experienced a natural weather event, your roof may have sustained damage without you even noticing until the damage is already invading your roof space. However, when a storm or weather event is powerful enough to knock down trees and tear down power lines, the waterproof membrane on your roof may have been damaged as well. 

Failed Flashing and Improper Seals

A significant component to possible commercial roof leaking is failed flashing and seals.  Seals are made to reinforce areas of weakness where pieces of the roof come together. In addition, it helps to keep the waterproof membrane well sealed.  If the seals aren’t appropriately applied, air bubbles and gaps can weaken the area and cause water to leak in and render the waterproof membrane completely useless.

Flashing, on the other hand, helps to reinforce areas around piping or other structural pieces protruding from the building and through the roof.  The flashing adds support and extra protection from water leaking into the ceiling.  If the flashing has been damaged or is worn away by the elements, it could weaken the support and allow water to flow into those areas. 

Leaking Due to Aging

If your commercial roofing system is over 20 years old, it may just be leaking due to age. Roofs are solid and structural, but after 2 decades of wear, tear, and damage from elements, animals, and the environment will weaken it as the years go by.  

commercial roof leakingWhat Should I Do?

Leaks, damage, and roof issues happen all day, every day; do you know what to do when your roof starts leaking? Here are some helpful tips! 

Get a Bucket

Obvious but definitely worth noting.  Get a bucket and temporarily conceal the area of the leak.  Ensure that your products, technology, and electrical appliances are out of the way to prevent further damage or hazards. 


We’ve written an entire article dedicated to why you shouldn’t DIY roof repairs. The leading cause of death and injury when repairing a roof is due to inexperienced people attempting to fix a roofing problem.  

Choose the safe option and call a contractor. 

Call Your Roofing Contractor

Once you recognize the leaking roof, call your contractor.  Your facilities or building manager should have a contract with a roofer who comes out and inspects your commercial roofing system every year.  By doing this, you can prevent potential damage and leaks from ever taking place. 

Your roofer can also help you understand your roofing insurance and any warranties you might have on your commercial roofing system, 

Call Stephens Roofing

If you need a commercial roof repair, inspection, or replacement, connect with us today to schedule your appointment.  We are experienced roofing contractors with over 4 decades in the business.  Our team uses high quality products and materials and is trained to work on both commercial and residential roofing systems. Connect with us today to learn more about our company and how we can help you!